Value of diversity in the workplace paper

Goals and values diversity was found to cause both constructive conflict and interpersonal conflict. These women had proven to handle the daily operations of the retail location as acting store director when there were meetings or vacation that called for the store director to be away from the job.

Unfortunately our reality is unfair treatment in regards to an individual's gender, race, culture, ethnic origin and lifestyle. All organizations do not completely focus on diversity and maintaining a hostile free work environment regarding male versus female lead roles. Valuing diversity is beneficial to the company because it brings creativity, innovation, and problem solving.

A good example of this might be as imple as the ability to speak Spanish. Neale went on to find that informational diversity could be classified as a constructive conflict as it encouraged people to discuss and evaluate the best path to follow.

Diversity in Workplace Paper

Diversity is not simply a difference between people based upon where they live, the color of their skin, their ethnicity, whether they are male or female or the differences in their age.

All employees must understand the competitive and moral advantages of diversity. An organizations culture determines the ability of members from other groups to perform within the organization.

Many organizations are placing primary emphasis on people who fit their cultures when hiring. Workplace conversations around diversity and inclusion can be difficult for employees to navigate.

Value and Richness in Diversity - Term Paper Example

This can be a huge asset for communicating with customers and vendors--particularly for businesses situated in ethnic communities or selling to various ethnic markets.

Diversity training featuring workplace scenarios is one way to provide employees with examples of how to respond, while also reinforcing everyone's role in creating an inclusive environment.

Value of Diversity in the workplace Paper - Essay Example

Challenges of Diversity in the Workplace Taking full advantage of the benefits of diversity in the workplace is not without its challenges. Diversity Benefits the Organization By expanding diversity and inclusion policies to support the needs of LGBTQ talent more extensively, organizations can reap a host of benefits.

Society as a whole is programmed to embrace sameness and frown upon assortment. Although the CEOs of the company, the Brookshire Brothers maybe aware of the importance of diversity they are not executing it very well in this case.

The Value of Diversity in the Workplace

Essentially, because having a diverse work force a gives the company a lot more advantages to their competitors. Whether its age, gender, race or religion, the more inclusive we are the more likely we will be able to relate and understand the needs of our coworkers and patients.

America's past should teach America's today that success lies within diversity.


If I am trying to communicate with a patient and I am unable to understand or the patient understands me then it would be beneficial to have a Spanish speaker on the floor to assist in the communication with the patient.

Hiring employers with good education and experience can show other employees to work at their best, and it will help the employees to adapt to the diverse workforce. If they are relevant, you may use one or two professional web sites in addition to the literature references.

Because of these technologies, there is a continuing necessity for companies to address the needs of a very diverse market so that they can be competitive. To observe one potential way to respond, check out the full scenario in this ADP Pride video in which Lucy's colleague reassures her that getting to know people at work happens naturally.

They must respect and support cultural diversity through the recognition of cultural and religious holidays, observances, practices, and diet restrictions. Implementation of diversity in the workplace policies - This can be the overriding challenge to all diversity advocates.

Diversity can be especially beneficial on creative projects like product development or marketing Neale, While the workforce has made strides in the direction of equality, it is still far from attaining total equality in the workplace. Creativity and idea generation are among the most valuable assets to a growing company that wants to be innovative and take the lead in a market.

The changes in the ethnic and cultural composition of the U. Undoubtedly, understanding and measuring progress in building a diverse workforce must remain at the center of attention. Prejudice is defined as an adverse opinion or judgment formed beforehand or without full knowledge or complete examination of the facts; a preconceived idea or bias.

For some companies started by a family member and continue to be a part of the family all views generally trace back to the original founder. Underrepresentation of Minorities in Nursing — 30 points Provide a one-paragraph overview of the impact of underrepresentation of minorities, in general, in nursing.Importance of diversity in the workplace “Despite modest gains in ethnic and racial minority representation in the nursing rofession, the current nursing workforce does not mirror the U.

S. population (Melillo, Dowling, Abdalah, Findeisen, & Khight,p. ). The Value of Workplace Diversity Essay - Workforce diversity has become a reality in organizations. More organizations have written workforce diversity policies or programs.

Collecting Information: Qualitative Research Methods for Solving Workplace Problems KIM SYDOW CAMPBELL workplace or classroom data rather than anecdotes or one’s own thoughts.

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(, p. value in focusing on each aspect of the research process to. Open Document. Below is an essay on "Value Of Diversity In The Workplace" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. Value of Diversity. How to Use Diversity and Inclusion to Engage Hourly Employees.

By Emily board and workplace diversity, and climate change and sustainability, Mishra writes. Furthermore, nine of the ten most common types of proposals related to one of these issues, whereas only one (demanding the right to call a special shareholder.

In this paper, diversity will be explored with highlights on gender, age, religion, and occupation. Gender According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, gender is defined as, “Sex or the behavioral, cultural, or psychological traits typically associated with one sex.

Value of diversity in the workplace paper
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